Eneri Telefoni As (Kolsås)

Eneri Telefoni AS is a leading provider of telecom solutions to the corporate market and the public sector. We provide fixed and mobile telecommunications solutions for small and large companies, structured cabling, network solutions, consultancy and ICT consulting services. AS Telefoni was established in 1987 and was Oslo's first supplier of ISDN house exchanges. Today, more than 500 house exchanges are operated from our office. The company's business concept is based on the expertise in telecommunications. In April 2017, Eneri Fiber AS came in as part owner and we therefore changed its name to Eneri Telefoni AS from 1 May. Together with our partners, we today emerge as a total supplier of both fiber-technical services such as telecommunications and computer systems, and we strive for the highest possible level of service for our customers.

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IKT Partner 24 AS (Fornebu - Drammen - Fredrikstad)

IKT Partner 24 is a total supplier of ICT, gather everything in data and count under the same point of contact for you as a customer. We are solution oriented and want to be the advisor to our customers. We can do this because we are supplier dependent, ie we have a lot to play on, and therefore we also have the best conditions to offer the best solution for our customers.

IKT Partner 24 is located in Drammen, Fornebu and in Fredrikstad, and has its own people at BackOffice and technically, who deliver from installation, through training and managing the solution for you as a customer even when you are up and running. The first thing we do is sit down with our potential customers to take a WorkShop, to find out what the customer has today and what might be best for the customer in the future, this is of course free of charge. This is to create confidence in our customers that we know what we are doing and that you as a customer get the best solution that is for you.

IKT Partner 24 is a Silver Partner at Microsoft and can deliver everything inside, SharePoint, Azure, Server as a service - in short we can deliver a "tailor made" to your IT and storage company. We supply Telefoni, Fiber and Xdsl from the largest and best operators in Norway. Own webshop for HW in telephony and IT.

Have a chat with one of our 19 employees - with more than 15 years of experience in the industry - and get advice on the best solution for your business

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Kommunikasjonsservice AS (Høvik)

Kommunikasjonsservice was established in 1995 and has long experience with telecom, old telephone exchanges, IP telephony and IT installation. Communication Service is a consultant and technology company within telecommunications and data communication solutions with long experience from the industry. As an independent supplier, we have the opportunity to choose from the best partners in the market to tailor the best solutions for our customers. We are one of the most experienced suppliers of Alcatel-Lucent telephone and data solutions in Norway. We deliver to customers all over Eastern Norway and are located in Bærum just outside Oslo. We help you with everything in telephone exchanges, cabling, mobile telephony and consulting.

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Office Solution AS (Billingstad)

Office Solution AS wants to be your total supplier of professional IT and Telecom solutions. We have considerable experience in IT and Telecom and have our own modern data center at Billingstad in Asker. Our IT, Telecom and IT Infrastructure consultants and consultants, together with leading manufacturers and suppliers, will sew solutions based on the needs of the company. We have our own webshop with access to both IT and Telecom hardware.

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Kontorland AS (Drammen)

Since its inception in 1987, Kontorland has been a total supplier of office and IT solutions with sales and support of high quality brands and suppliers to the corporate market. We have been involved in both ups and downs in the industry and our philosophy has always been based on a sober and down-to-earth operation. High level of service and good contact with the market is one of our most important success criteria. We therefore aim to always be at the forefront when it comes to new solutions within our field. Today we are approx. 40 employees who strive to serve you the best sales and service follow-up, so you as a customer want to come back to us.

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NetSolution AS (Drammen)

NetSolution is a complete supplier of products and services within the ICT area. Our main market is small and medium-sized businesses within private business and public administration. The company was established in 2003 and currently has about 35 employees at offices in Asker, Drammen, Tønsberg and Porsgrunn. Our business is based on the idea that our customers should be able to operate more competitively by utilizing good ICT solutions. Competence is the key to success and we emphasize the combination of experience and professional knowledge. Our employees have both industry knowledge and long ICT experience. We document professional knowledge through certifications within the solutions from our suppliers.

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Totalcom AS (Drammen)

TotalCom is a nationwide provider of integrated communications solutions where IP and mobile technology are key ingredients. We also provide IT operating services and integration of telephony with your existing systems, whether this is Microsoft Lync, or a physical meeting room with video conferencing equipment.

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Eltron AS (Tynset)

Eltron AS is the mountain region's leading installation company. With more than 30 employees, we can carry out work in all disciplines of strong current, low current, automation and data. With headquarters in Tynset and employees in most of the towns, we can quickly and safely serve our customers throughout the North East Valley.

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Caverion Norge AS (Avd. Gjøvik)

Caverion Norge AS (Av. Gjøvik)

Caverion is Norway's leading technical contractor. We safeguard your values throughout the life cycle of commercial buildings, public buildings, industrial plants and infrastructure.

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Tele Data Øst AS (Gjøvik)

TeleData Øst is a leading provider of telecommunications, data and security solutions to the corporate market and the public sector. We provide telephony solutions for large and small companies, structured cabling, networking, consulting and consulting services in ICT, integration and operation of complete data solutions.

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Valdres Teledata AS (Fagernes)

Valdres Teledata AS, together with its subsidiary Net2You, provides data and communication solutions, telephony systems and broadband solutions to the public, companies and private individuals throughout Valdres.

By being a total provider for you as a customer, you should not worry about IT. We are happy to talk to you without obligation, be it that you want to streamline tasks in your business or have a working computer system in your home.

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NettSoft AS (Oslo)

Nettsoft was established in 1990 and consists of 10 employees with offices at Alnabru in Oslo. We deliver mostly in the ICT field, with a specialty area in the supply and production of hybrid cloud services including IP telephony, Skype for Business as well as system development and integrations with Telenor, TDC and others.

We work on collaboration between technologies so that companies can more easily communicate and collaborate with employees, customers and business associates.

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SimCom AS (Oslo)

SimCom AS is a dedicated developer of next-generation telephony and communications solutions. The company originates from Telekompetanse AS, an experienced provider of telecom solutions and communications infrastructure.

SimCom is short for “Simplified Communication”. This illustrates our vision of helping customers and partners simplify and improve communication, by creating advanced and flexible solutions for SMB, Corporate, Enterprise and Public/Government organizations of all sizes and complexity.

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Teleconsulting AS (Oslo)

Teleconsulting is a consultant and telecom manager for the corporate market in telecommunications. We offer services within the procurement of ICT services, solution design, development and optimization of existing solutions. We also have leading expertise in analyzes such as Health Check, ROI analysis and ROS analysis. We also have service services such as project management, support operations and maintenance along with installation and implementation. Our new area of focus is Telephone Management where we represent the customer in the handling and procurement of telecom services.

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We 4 You AS (Oslo)

For over 12 years we have developed our offer to our customers. Today we provide switchboard service, corporate telephony and IT solutions. A switchboard service is in many ways a very personal service and we focus on acting professionally on behalf of our clients. We have large companies that use us as an integral part of their business and individual companies that utilize us for meetings and holiday events. We are located at Kalbakken in Oslo. We have customers all over the country and also provide services for customers in other Scandinavian countries.

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    Unmo IKT AS (Porsgrunn)

    Unmo ICT, operator of telephony solutions for companies. We offer: Web based telephony solutions, together with Outlook, Lync and CRM solutions. This allows you to communicate from many different media. Smart call center solutions. Overall, the company will become more accessible to its customers and IP Telefoni is cost-saving.

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    ALT Installasjon AS (Våle)

    It is not without reason that we are called ALT Installation! We deliver everything you need from both low power and strong current - expertly executed, with good service, at the agreed time and price.

    We have over twenty talented installers waiting for your exact challenge, and our long experience in the field gives you the assurance that it will be as expected - and some more. Alt Installasjon as was established by Øivind Kjær and Terje Rønningen in 1997 and is located in Våle.

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    Enter AS (Sande i Vestfold)

    ENTER as established 1988, is your local data provider. We provide everything you may need in Infrastructure, hardware, software, IT consulting and operations. We have service technicians on the road, who work with what they like best. They take you out as a business customer when you need it.

    Feel free to visit our store and service workshop in Revåveien 35. Sande.

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    Enter AS (Sande i Vestfold)

    Enter AS (Sande i Vestfold)

    Sarpsborg Telecom AS (Sarpsborg)

    Sarpsborg Telecom AS is owned and operated by Jon Olsen and Even Akselsen. Both have very long experience from the telecom industry. Jon Olsen has worked for several years as sales manager at Telehuset, while Even Akselsen has been managing director of Mobildata Borg. Both were also involved as owners in the establishment of Officer Østfold in 2009. After a couple of years of operation, they chose to sell out of Officer and started Sarpsborg Telecom in February 2011.

    Sarpsborg Telecom only works for the corporate market and specializes in wireless switchboards. About 30% of Norway's companies now use wireless switchboards and the number is growing very quickly.

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    Sentrum Data AS (Rakkestad)

    Sentrum Data started in 2003 and has been a profitable data supplier in Rakkestad since its inception and is located in Jernbanegata (Bye Byggget) in Rakkestad city center. We are inner Østfold's local IT supplier offering PCs, servers, software products, consulting services, consulting, IT operations and service agreements. Sentrum Data has certified consultants with both breadth and cutting-edge expertise, which is ensured through binding collaboration agreements and continuous training with our main suppliers such as Microsoft, IBM, Lenovo, HP, Telenor, Acer, Asus and more.

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    Slusebyen Data AS (Ørje)

    Slusebyen Data is a supplier of computer equipment and supplies for companies and individuals. We perform computer and equipment repair.

    Slusebyen Data is also a supplier of mobile solutions from Telenor. We also sell mobile broadband from Ice.

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    Tele og Data Service AS (Dilling)

    Tele og Data Service AS (Dilling)

    Østerhus Data og Sikkerhet AS (Grimstad)

    Leave your company's IT operations to us so you can concentrate on your core business.

    With us you meet professional consultants with the customer in focus.

    Whether you need a new server, rent server capacity from us or just a new PC.

    We help you, no job is too small or too big.

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    ComTec AS (Bergen)

    Comtec is a provider of complete telecommunications and data solutions with long experience and broad expertise in data and telecommunications We supply everything from leased server, server, network, PCs, mobile phones, ip communication and printers to complete system solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

    Just the complete offering of our services has made us a preferred total supplier for a number of players.

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    iElektro AS (Molde - Fræna - Eide - Aukra - Gjemnes)

    iElektro AS is a local electrical contractor who takes all assignments within electrical engineering installations. From smaller electrical installations in houses and cottages to large projects. We want to help our customers in choosing good solutions in terms of quality, ENERGY and safety.

    You will find us in MOLD, FRENCH, EIDE, AUKRA and GEMNES

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    Nordvest Elektronikk AS (Kristiansund)

    NordVest Elektronikk AS offers small and large telephone systems from Alcatel Lucent. We offer everything from small systems for switchboard solutions, wireless systems, call center solutions and IP telephony. Our engineers are certified to install such systems, and we can offer a complete range of wireless phones and headsets.

    We are also a Telenor reseller and can thus offer competitive subscriptions.

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    Serit Helgeland ( Sandnessjøen - Mo i Rana - Mosjøen)

    Serit Helgeland is a leading competence environment within IT solutions for the corporate market at Helgeland. We have three local offices, in Mo i Rana, Mosjøen and Sandnessjøen. In total, we have 24 employees at Helgeland. The office in Sandnessjøen focuses on comprehensive solutions for our customers, and delivers an optimal operation based on, among other things, our data center. All our offices are Environmental Lighthouse certified.
    We want to use our expertise to help our customers with everything from IT infrastructure to choosing the right equipment. Below you can read more about the services we offer:
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    IT Løsninger No AS (Stavanger)

    iTL Solutions was founded in 1998 and is a total provider of ICT services. Ever since its inception in 1998 in Dusavika, we have been aiming to provide good quality services with a personal touch. In 2002 we moved to larger premises in Kvernevik Ring in Hafrsfjord. In 2011, iTL acquired ICT-Vest to increase its focus on communication services. In 2015 we moved to Lagerveien 10 on Forus.

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    Serit IT Partner (Harstad - Sortland)

    Serit IT Partner is the largest competence environment within ICT solutions for the public and private sector in the Hålogaland region. After our establishment in 2001, we have grown to 23 employees at our offices in Harstad and Sortland. Through our ownership of the Serit chain, we are also part of a nationwide dealer and expertise network.
    Modern technology provides better workflow
    We work every single day to help our customers apply modern technology and ensure better workflow in a secure way. This will ensure increased competitiveness and greater job satisfaction for our customers and our customers' employees in the Hålogaland region.
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    Assist (Haugesund)

    Assist Tele is a product we are proud to offer, and a product that has been taken in on the basis of demand from our customers. In collaboration with the Telecom chain and Telenor, the company subscription and the equipment you need are ready installed and set up so that you and your employees can only use it. We ensure stable operation and first-class support from local people who can - when you need it.

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    Funn AS (Narvik)

    Founded in Narvik in 1989, one of its largest technological missions was to develop an electronic version of Norsk Lysningsblad (Doffin), followed closely by the establishment of Narviknett, as well as the establishment of a centralized system for computer operations for the A-pressen in the North. -Norway. The company currently has around 75 employees in Narvik, Bodø, Harstad, Sortland, Finnsnes, Oslo and Svalbard. The Group has sales of around NOK 120 million, and Funn is one of Northern Norway's largest players in centralized data services, system sales and system development, with customers all over the country.

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    Haaland AS (Mo i Rana)

    Haaland AS is a company merged by Haaland Installation, Haaland IT and S. Jensen Kjøleservice. Together, we can deliver the best overall product on the market within our fields of expertise. We are established in Mo i Rana and in Bodø with Haaland Elektro and Haaland Plumbing in Bodø. We have a conscious focus on apprentices. Areas of expertise Haaland AS: Electricity, low power, IT, telephony, refrigeration, heat pumps, large kitchens, large washing and plumbing services.

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    Mynet AS (Trondheim)

    Mynet was established in 2003, and has been steadily growing since then. The company mainly consists of people with industry experience and insight into companies' needs for different types of communication. Mynet AS is owned by the employees and has a healthy and sound economy. The company is thus one of 3650 Norwegian companies that have been awarded the title Gasellebedrijf. The mint's special areas are telephone solutions and data communication. The mint has solution consultants, own engineers and certified professionals. Our customers use us because of our expertise, service and availability. In addition, our independence means that they can ask us for a wide range of products and services.

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    Serit IT Partner (Molde - Kristiansund - Surnadal)

    Serit IT Partner is a leading competence environment within IT solutions for the corporate market in Møre og Romsdal. We have local offices in Molde, Kristiansund and Surnadal. We are centrally located in the center of Molde in Grandfjera. In total, we are 40 skilled and competent employees.
    We focus on comprehensive solutions for our customers as well as being able to deliver an optimal operation, among other things based on our data center. We want to use our expertise to help our customers with everything from IT infrastructure to choosing the right equipment. All our offices are Environmental Lighthouse certified.
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